Kamilla Kovacs

Kamilla Kovacs is a danish/hungarian vocalist, composer and piano player. 


Kovacs grew up with a hungarian mother and a danish father in the city Roskilde in Denmark.


As a small child her dream was to become an opera singer or a classical piano player and she also started out with playing the piano. But she soon discovered a love for using her voice, writing songs and improvising and has since the age of twelve been a productive songwriter.


She was living in Berlin for two years writing songs and playing concerts, but now she is in Copenhagen where she recently finished her studies at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory. 


She is one of eight singers in the improvising vocal band IKI.

IKI released their debut album in 2011, for which they won a Danish Music Award for «Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year». Their second album, Lava, was released in November, 2014. (www.ikivocal.com)


The dynamic vocal and saxophone duo that consists of Kovacs and the experimental saxophone player Mia Dyberg released their debut album in October 2014 (www.kovacs-dyberg.com)


In her songwriting she is inspired by her hungarian roots.

She incorporates the Hungarian music tradition by for example writing new music to the lyrics of the traditional hungarian folks songs or writing new music using the traditional hungarian instruments such as the hungarian sitar. 


Artists that inspire: Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Béla Bartok, and many more......

© 2017 Kamilla Kovacs, kontakt@kamlllakovacs.dk

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