IKI - The Oracle Experience

The acclaimed and DMA-winning band IKI consists of 5 female vocalists from Denmark, Norway and Finland. IKI is releasing their third studio album ORACLE produced by electronic artist Mike Sheridan adding new sound layers of mysticism to their experimental, hypnotic universe.

Working with the voice as the main instrument and improvisation as their artistic tool, IKI has toured most of Europe since 2010. By the use of electronic machines and pedals they manipulate their voices live on stage. The music, which is created in an intense here-and-now-moment together with the audience, goes from trance-like soundscapes to alluring avantgarde beats and structures.

IKI's 3rd album ORACLE is released on March 23rd 2018. IKI's visual world is built around masks designed by London-based Damselfrau.

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Kovacs / Dyberg  - 

Kovacs & Dyberg is an experimenting vocal/saxofon duo. They explore the sound and possibilities of the naked duo format - both the beautiful and the ugly sounds! The Duo performs their own compositions as well as improvisations that become new songs. 


The debut album from Kovacs / Dyberg will be the 10th of October 2014!


Listen and read more here!


Greg Cohen about Kovacs & Dyberg


“”I have always been fascinated with music that seems to go forwards and backwards at the same time. And music where the traditional roles are inverted. (..)Kovacs & Dyberg are a duo that taps into a dimension that is not the norm in jazz. With only saxophone and voice to establish the parameters of their music, they twist and turn the lines that are both composed and improvised as if – Kovacs became Dyberg and visa versa. Their music is both enchanting and soulful” /Greg Cohen, Berlin January 2013.


"I thought I would go to a boring Jazzconcert, but instead (luckily) I came to this place where to girls went crazy on stage - a mix between Frank Zappa and I dont know WHAT?!’, audience response, Berlin





Gecko was formed in the autumn of 2011 by four musicians from different backgrounds and musical genres. They combine their musical orientation in a new way. From this comes an original and personal sound with references to the nationalities of Gecko: Romanian, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian and Danish. The band consists of two vocalists, cimbalom,accordion, tuba and drums. 

In the music you hear raw gypsy rhythms, swingy jazz, turkish and italian accordion, experimental pop, arabic scales and free improvisation! The music is composed by Kamilla Kovacs and Emma Petzäll.


Kamilla Kovacs - vocal

Emma Petzäll - vocal

Christian Coppola - accordion

George Mihalache - Cimbalom

Kristian Tangvik - Tuba

Kamilla Kovacs' soloproject






Haunting magic from the underground, echoes of piano keys, dripping wine and the sound of deep strength, a broken heart and fully lived life in a voice that will make you find a home in your ears wherever you are.


"Kamilla Kovacs plays like an angel and sings like a bird. She engulfs musical situations where most would only tread lightly. Always with an ear for the melodious and a penchant for the unexpected."

Greg Cohen, Berlin 2014



Kamilla Kovacs: Vocal, piano, accordion

Jakob Roland: Doublebass 

George Mihalache: Cimbalom 

© 2017 Kamilla Kovacs,

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