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IKIs first time in Germany!

IKI just went to Germany for the first time and it was also my first time back in Berlin, since I moved to Copenhagen a month ago, and I was so happy to have my reunion with Berlin together with all the lovely women from IKI. 


We played one concert in Greifswald at the Nordischer Klang Festival and two concerts in Berlin at Donau115 and Poropati. We also shot some live musicvideos in the urban spaces of Berlin.


Read more about the mini-tour here!


/ Kamilla, Maj 2014

RECORDING w/ Jakob Roland



RECORDING my solo project with Jakob Roland on double bass 


After recording with Kovacs & Dyberg in the P1 studio (Rundfunk) I decided to go back to this studio before moving from Berlin --------> Copenhagen and record my music with bass player Jakob Roland.


I will of course be singing, but I'll also play the piano myself on this recording and I am excited about doing this. 


The talented Sarah Egbert Eiersholt is making the cover design!

Check out more of her work here.


/ Kamilla, March 2014


Final concert at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory!

Wednesday the 18th of June 21.20 I have my final concert at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory!


It's been 5 years of exploring and developing and I've met so many inspiring people both while studying in Copenhagen and in Berlin!


I can't wait to see what the world outside of the conservatory has to offer, but it also kind of feels like saying goodbye to my second home.


With me on stage I'll have Jakob Roland - but the amazing cimbalomplayer (hakkebræt) George Mihalache 

and Aino Juutlainen will also be playing with me!


I can't wait and I hope to see a lot of people there to celebrate.


/ Kamilla, June 2014


RECORDING w/ Kovacs/Dyberg


My duo with Mia Dyberg is going to the P1 studio in Berlin from 28th-30st of January to record our debut album! The songs/compositions are all stories from and about Berlin where both of  us are currently living. We just met two amazing Berlin-based artist that are making our art-design - more info about this soon!


If you are interested in hearing us you can come to our concert on tuesday the 21st where the two mysterious artists will also be joining us and doing some impro-paiting to our spontanious improvisations and to some of the songs that are also going to be on the album. This is happening at our rehearsal-room in Berlin, If you want to know more you will have to write me an email, since there is limited space (


A lot of interesting stuff is also happening with IKI - we are going to Norway and Germany! Read all about it here


Greg Cohen about Kovacs & Dyberg


“”I have always been fascinated with music that seems to go forwards and backwards at the same time. And music where the traditional roles are inverted. (..)Kovacs & Dyberg are a duo that taps into a dimension that is not the norm in jazz".


/ Kamilla, January 2014



Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014 (and Roskilde festival)

After an amazing week at the Roskilde Festival I am now ready for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival!

I can't wait for one more week filled with music, dancing people and summer!


I heard some great concerts at the Roskilde Festival (Haim, Barmer Boys, Darkside, Stevie Wonder (!), Jack White, Emilie Nicolas, Mø, Manu Chao and many more) now I am ready to sing and play myself.

I have concerts with IKI, Mia Dyberg, George Mihalache, Jakob Roland and Morten Skøtt, check out times and places on this page (calendar) or here - I hope to see you!


/ Kamilla, July 2014


Goodbye Copenhagen, hello Berlin and Fanø


The Copenhagen Jazz Festival was as always filled with great music all over the city. After my own concerts I ended the festival at Sort/hvid joining the amazing Spacelab (Nikolaj Hess, Mikkel Hess, AC) and then off to the all-night jamsession at La Fontaine. 


IKI got two reviews and I am so happy to share these reviews with you: here they are  (in Danish...)


At Balders Plads with George Mihalache I had my debut playing the accordion, it will definitely not the the last time. 


Now I am off to Berlin playing a concert at Donau115 . I haven't been to Berlin since IKIs tour in May and I can't wait to see the city and all of my friends again!


After Berlin off to the Fanø Free Folk Festival.


Thank you summer!


/ Kamilla, July 2014


IKI signing with DME! Kovacs & Dyberg crowdfunding the album "Stories"! 
Working on my debutalbum!
A lot of exciting stuff has been happening the last month. It's almost going so fast I can't follow, but in a good way! IKI has signed with the recordlabel DME and soon our second album will be out!
Kovacs & Dyberg is crowdfunding our record "Stories" that we recorded in Berlin end January 2014 and we almost reached a 100%! Thanks to all of our supporters. Íf you want to know more about our CD and support the project. you can click here!
My solo album is also coming along and I can't wait to tell you more about it and to share the music with you. 
/ Kamilla, August 2014


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